Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SUV


  1. Active CornerGrip Technology
  2. Wet Handling and Aquaplaning Resistance
  3. Cornering Control
  4. Active Braking Technology
  5. Lower Tyre Weight
  6. Fuel Saving Technology

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  • Experience high performance driving in a tyre designed to handle the weight of an SUV.

    Active CornerGrip Technology and an advanced racing compound help to maximize grip and tracking, so that you can enjoy the drive.

Reduces the vehicle’s unsprung mass the same way alloy rims do vs. steel rims, to enable the tyre to follow the road’s surface contours more closely, improving steering precision and dry handling.

  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SUV with ActiveBraking Technology, crossed plies carcass structure and ‘high surface’ silica tread compound sets new standards in dry and wet performance, handling and braking in the ultra-high performance tyre segment.

    Asymmetric 2 SUV increases the road contact patch of the tyre during braking.

    While conventional tyre blocks show little or no transformation during braking, the blocks in the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SUV due to their specially designed shape, develop more surface under braking load and therefore increase the tyre-to-surface contact area.

    The larger contact patch offers increased grip, which in turn leads to shorter stopping distances.

The tread optimizes contact with the road surface, for improved handling on wet roads.

The asymmetric design features an open tread zone to channel water and prevent aquaplaning.

  • The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SUV also features Goodyear’s renowned FuelSaving Technology, which ensures reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

    Three areas have been subject to Goodyear engineers’ attention:

    – A minimized tyre weight with less rubber and an optimized tyre construction for reduced heat generation and rolling resistance;

    – A new ‘high surface’ silica grade that contributes to reduced heat generation;

    – An aerodynamic sidewall design, which delivers significantly lower aerodynamic drag further minimizing energy loss, especially at higher speeds.

Benefit from enhanced control around corners, thanks to Active CornerGrip Technology.

Pressure is evenly distributed when cornering at speed, maximizing road contact when you need it most.

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