EfficientGrip SUV


  1. Quiet Tread Technology
  2. Fuel Saving Technology
  3. Better Braking On Wet Roads
  4. Responsive Tread & Carcass Design

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goodyear efficientgrip fuel saving technology

Lower fuel consumption from a new base compound that reduces tyre’s energy dissipation.

Combining a lightweight structure with an advanced tread compound, the EfficientGrip needs less energy to make it roll.

Rolling resistance is reduced by 18% meaning improved fuel efficiency and lower driving costs for you.

Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip tread compound

High loaded silica blend reduces intra-molecular friction.

Stiff base under tread is a rigid rubber material under the block elements that help avoid road induced block movements and reduce tyre vibration.

The result is lower fuel costs – and CO2 emissions – on every journey.

Provides a very responsive structure encouraging crisp handling behavior for heavy SUV vehicles.

goodyear eagle efficientgrip noise dampening tread

Closed shoulder design prevents radiating radial noise sound waves to reduce exterior and interior perceived noise level.

Balanced block distribution provides smooth block entering into the footprint to lower the impact noise and reduce the radiated noise.

Perpendicular edge blading gradually reduces the block stiffness, lowering the block movements and reducing the propagated noise.

goodyear eagle efficientgrip shock absorbing

The added absorbing rubber gum strip under layer absorbs the tyre vibrations and reduces the propagation of road irregularities.

Enjoy comfortable journeys thanks to the noise-reducing block design.

Unique tread surface featuring carefully positions sipe positioning – this enables the tyre to remove surface water from the path of the tyre’s path, a key component in reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

With a unique tread surface and a blade arrangement that sheds water, the EfficientGrip SUV offers better wet performance and shorter braking distances than other tyres in its class.

Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip high grip design

High number of biting edges provide a high blade density resulting in more grip.

Optimized grip level in contact patch provides maximum blading in the required footprint location maximizing grip in all driving conditions and safer cornering levels.

This increased grip helps reduce wet braking distances and maximizes control in all driving conditions.


Product Reviews

Tyre Tests


All Road 4×4 Tyre Test (265/60 R18)
Placing: 3rd


ADAC SUV Summer Tyre Test (215/65 R16)
Placing: 1st

ACE SUV Summer Tyre Test (215/60 R17)
Placing: 2nd


AMS SUV/4×4 Tyre Test (215/60 R17)
Placing: 1st

Off Road Summer SUV Tyre Test (215/65 R16)
Placing: 3rd

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215/55 R18 99V


215/60 R17 96H


225/55 R18 98V


235/55 R17 99V


235/55 R18 100V


235/60 R16 100V


275/50 R21 113V


285/50 R20 112V


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