Crosswind HP 4x4


  1. Enhanced Drainage Performance
  2. Superior Longitudinal Stability
  3. Low Noise

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Wide circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning and quickly evacuate road water.

Optimized sipe pattern and reinforced tread blocks promote outstanding cornering and handling performance

It has high-performance attributes thanks to the solid center rib design.

This contributes to better on-center feel and handling for these vehicles, which is important considering the higher center of gravity compared to sports cars or sedans.

The optimized 5-rib design provides a smooth, stable and quiet ride.

The excellent handling performance gives the driver a more comfortable ride.

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Nett Price

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215/60 R17 96H


215/65 R16 102H


225/60 R18 100H


225/65 R17 102H


225/75 R16 104H


235/55 R18 104V


235/60 R17 106V


235/60 R18 107V


235/65 R17 108V


235/70 R16 106H


245/70 R16 111H


255/55 R18 109V


265/60 R18 110H


265/65 R17 112H


265/70 R16 112H


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