Crosswind HP010


  1. Good Driving Stability
  2. Comfortable & Quiet ride
  3. Excellent Handling Performance
  4. Enhanced Wet Grip

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The solid center rib of the Crosswind HP010 tyres gives them improved handling, stability, and the responsiveness you love in a high-performance tyre.

The wide circumferential grooves in the tyre reduce hydroplaning , ensuring extra safety and better contact with the road.

An optimized symmetrical tread design adds to the comfort of the ride and helps to minimize road noise for a better ride

Crosswind HP010 tyres are built to give cars and small SUV/CUV vehicles the high-performance grip and handling they deserve.

Rated S,H, and V, the Linglong Crosswind HP010 is also rated M&S for all-season traction performance.

These economical and budget tyres are made to be tough from the inside out.

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Nett Price

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185/60 R14 82V


185/60 R15 84H


185/65 R15 88H


195/50 R15 82V


195/60 R15 88H


205/60 R16 92H


205/65 HR15 94H


215/55 R17 94V


215/60 R16 95H


215/65 HR15 100H


225/55 VR16 95V


225/55 HR18 98H


225/60 HR17 99H


235/55 HR17 99H


235/60 R16 100H


235/65 R18 106H


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