Green Max Eco Touring


  1. Low Resistance
  2. Low Noise
  3. Excellent Wet Performance
  4. Economic Tyre

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Low rolling resistance tyres help save energy by requiring less rolling effort which helps improve fuel efficiency.

This minimizes friction, which means less energy is expended and less fuel is consumed.

Classified as an economic tyre, Ling Long Green Max Eco Touring provides the most favorable price with good performance.

Noise-efficient tyres produce low sound levels when you are driving, resulting in a quieter ride.

LingLong Green Max Eco Touring offer good traction in wet conditions both in warm and cold weather.

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165/65 R13 77T


175/65 R14 82T


175/70 R14 84T


185/65 R14 86T


185/70 R14 88T


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