Green Max HP010


  1. Comfortable & Quiet Ride.
  2. Low Rolling Resistance For Better Fuel Efficiency.
  3. Enhanced Wet Grip

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Low rolling resistance tyres help save energy by requiring less rolling effort which helps improve fuel efficiency.

This minimizes friction, which means less energy is expended and less fuel is consumed.

An optimized symmetrical tread design adds to the comfort of the ride and helps to minimize road noise for a better ride

Linglong tyre Green Max HP010 model received highest points for high wet grip in recent tests conducted as part of the 2017 Test World Tyre Test Report, which assessed 17 different branded summer tyres.

Linglong tyre scored a total of 8.3 points in the test, ranking number one among the five Chinese brands involved in the tests, which were conducted in France.

The Test World report said, “The Linglong tyre has shown surprisingly good results in this test.

Its performance on wet surfaces is better than that on dry surfaces.

It has a particularly high grip on wet surfaces, especially in cold conditions, and can make driving easier and safer.

Its noise is low and its rolling resistance is average.”

Performance on wet surfaces accounts for more than 55% in summer tyre testing.

With regard to this index, the braking distance of the Linglong tyre on wet surfaces was just 1.5m more than Michelin, which came in first place, and was shorter than that of Goodyear, Pirelli and Maxxis.

With regard to maneuverability on wet surfaces, the tyre performed better than some of the world’s top brands, including Bridgestone and Yokohama.

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